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Introduction emails, cover letters and Resumes are useful when you want to apply for a particular role for the first time, but here at EmployMeet we do things differently.


We want to help you begin your job search by building relationships with employers for future job openings. So grab your phone and, if you need, a friend to help out. But here are some simple steps to help you get the best from your intro.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write a bit of a script, even if it's just in point form.

  2. Think about your best assets and skills, or achievements you are proud of.

  3. What are your passionate about?

  4. Interests, what do you really enjoy doing?

Since this is your first contact keep it brief and clear, focussing on putting forward your personality and enthusiasm. Don't get bogged down in what you can and can't do, show us your CAN DO ATTITUDE!


Make sure your profile contains your contact details, including email and phone number where possible employers can contact you. This information will not be made public, it will only be provided to those with a genuine interest in our candidates.


We have created some awesome help pages to assist you in creating the perfect video, how to create and account and getting the best out of your profile on our EmployMeet site.

Please take the time to view these great tips and guides before you proceed to create your profile. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward and employers are able to find you.

Take the next step to a new Career!

Get out your phone and video yourself....

  • Introduce yourself

  • What are your strengths

  • What do you enjoy

  • Ask to be considered for a position 

  • Check your tone and language before uploading

  • Upload to your introduction video

Submit your intoduction!

Sign up, log in and create your profile to upload your introductory video. Once submitted we will contact you to help you start your journey.

We have a guide to help you with your profile HERE.

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