Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Really? Psychometric test?

Online assessment tools? Applied, Codility, eSkill, HackerRank, Interview Mocha,

Predictive Index, Pymetrics and the list goes on and on and on . . . .

Selecting a Personality Assessment Tool May be Hazardous to Your Organisation!

Online assessment tools can help you remove some of the biases that creep into the hiring process, and may assist in creating a fairer experience that produces better long-term results. Coding tests have received a lot of attention in recruitment over recent years, so why do many of the businesses using them have such a LOW rate of employee satisfaction and retention?

Psychometric testing does have its uses in specific situations, if not rehearsed or cheated on. A company uses these automated, computer-generated tests to check that the person they are considering for a job has the right level of skills in a certain area, or has the personality and intelligence to meet the demands of the job or the culture of the organisation. But are they really as useful as the developers lead you to believe?

Have you ever had a bad test experience when applying for a job? If so, you’re in good company.

* Facts: Most hiring tests are limited in their ability to correctly assess the candidate and often lead to inadequate hiring and high turnover. The candidates become frustrated with these tests generating negative views about your company, potentially affecting your employer and public brand.

Self-examination by a young person can be useful to give them a general sense of career direction since they have little other information about their skills and career needs to go on. There are some great tools to help young people decide on a careers path, but be careful what you ask for!

Some career professionals use psychometric and other automated testing as a default, basing all subsequent work on the results of the test. There are issues with this approach, especially with respect to intelligent career professionals with years of experience under their belt. Psychometric testing is a very broad-brush approach to understanding the specific traits and skills of very complex human beings. Many career decisions are based on which company one should work in, rather than what career they should follow. There is no psychometric test in the world that can discriminate between one company and another, the predictive ability of psychometric tests is very limited.

I would challenge any employer to ask themselves "What do you hope to achieve from the test and how the questions that you ask are likely to result in the conclusions that any applicant is suitable, or not, for this role?" I doubt any recruiter or prospective employer will be able to give a satisfactory answer.

Here at EmployMeet, we allow you to meet the candidate, either in person or via a video profile in order for you to truly determine the attitude, personality, personal attributes and their real desire to gain satisfying employment.

So come along to one of our get EmployMeet-ings, you may just meet someone that fits perfectly into your organisation.

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