Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Creating your Resume in video form will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for a job.

Business owners employ based on:

  • Personality

  • Enthusiasm

  • Initiative

A written document outlines your skills, qualifications and experience, whereas your video resume helps an employer to get a feel for your personality, attitude and personal presentation.

You can say a lot about yourself in a minute.


So we have put some tips together for you to present yourself in the best way possible.

What should I say?

Here's a few ideas but change it if you like.

  • Introduce yourself. Name, the suburb you live etc

  • Talk about your goals, passions and ambitions for the future.

  • What work would you like to do.

  • What excites you about life or where you live?

  • Why should someone employ you

Body Language

Your body language says more about you than your words.

  • Don’t slouch or lean over, sit or stand up straight, relaxed and comfortable.

  • Make sure your present a happy and cheerful appearance.

  • Maintain eye contact with the camera.


  • Be creative but stay professional and not too quirky.

  • Record your video at a certain location or have a background image behind you, one that's not too busy or distracting.

  • Don't drift too far away from the way you behave in the work place. You want the employer to see the ‘real you’.

To help you create and present the best possible YOU we offer the following tips.


Dress professionally as if you are going to an face to face interview.


Some video resumes have embedded photos, diagrams or charts. Only do this if it helps you tell your story and if you can do so effectively.


Humour is OK if it is done properly. You want the video to portray the ‘real you’, your true personality. You might consider having a few quick bloopers at the end of a more formal recording which show that you do have a sense of humour and don’t take it too far or take yourself too seriously.


You really only have 20 seconds to grab the employer’s interest in you. Create a curiosity that makes them watch the entire video and decide to meet you.

  • Think and speak about the job you would like and the skills the employer would benefit from by employing you.

  • Start by introducing yourself and talk about why you created the video clip.

  • Don’t read out your CV, the employer can access this information in your written resume.

  • Your video is about showing the employer who you are and why you are the right person.

  • You can refer to some information provided in your written resume but focus on what type of person you are.

  • Choose your words referring to what you are capable of, action centred words.

  • Don’t use dramatic or impressive sounding words to appear more intellectual, be yourself. For example,“I work with…” is better than “I liaised with…” and “I used software…” is better than “I utilised software…”


  • Use a conversational tone maintaining a professional approach.

  • Don't speak as if you are ‘familiar’ with the employer.

  • Don’t speak too fast.

  • Rehearse your script several times before recording it and review your recording. You may need to do this several times to ensure you feel relaxed about what you are saying.


  • Keep your video under 60 seconds.

  • Use short pauses to emphasise key points and phrases and allow the viewer to absorb what you are presenting.

If you need help just ask!

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